Little Helper's Monster Mop

  • £18.99
  • Save £4

Need a little motivation to get your child into a cleaning mindset? 

Your little angel will love cleaning with this super cute mop! With this monster mop, which also doubles as a microfiber broom, your child will be chasing down all kinds of messes with their monster! The microfiber mop sticks to the broom with convenient Velcro straps. 

When mom or dad decides monster's a bit too dirty, just pull him off and throw him in the wash. Our broom handle rotates 360 degrees and is extendable, up to 28 inches (72 cm), making the monster mop perfect for any young one. Your floor just got a lot cleaner! So don't wait! The sooner you order, the sooner your child will trudge through the house on a mission, cleaning up all their mess as they go!